34 Top Awesome Metallic and Mirror Nail Ideas

Metallic nail Fashion is the very popular trend these days.Young girls are especially obsessed with metallic nails design because of its growing popularity. Metallic nails are perfectly suited for night functions where it gives a shiny and glowing look.

We know how many girls are addicted to cool metal nails and mirror nails. Mirrors and studs have become more popular than any other manicure.Shiny mirror nails look bold, not too OOT, which is a perfect way to offer some advantages for a simple outfit.

That’s why we have brought together a collection of 34 top metal and mirror nail designs. Mirror nails and very simple production. You can easily nail your own DIY mirror to follow the tutorial at home.

You may not get perfection in 1st attempt. But we assure you that after trying few times, you will be able to make it quickly and with perfection. We recommend you to cut the different colors foils at once and have them ready for you. Once you need to apply this metallic nails, it will just take few minutes and you are ready to go. Also, see other cute nails designs in our nail art collection .

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