40 Super Gorgeous Long Hairstyles for 2019

Long hair is always diverse and diverse. You may find yourself more and more vigilant about your long hair, because you have no new and interesting ways to shape it. In addition, not everyone can grow longer, but if you are one of those women whose hair texture fits it, there are many styles to choose from.

Long hair styles have a lot of versatility in style. If you choose long hair, the most important thing is to ask your stylist to make a longer layer on the back and then gently apply your face to the smooth layer. No matter which long hair you like, you can add side cut or blunt bangs. Layered cutting of long hair helps to reduce the weight of the length and increase the volume and texture.

Hair looks good at every length. But longer hair gives you more room to have fun with colors, layers, and styles. If you’re more of a lazy-girl and would rather bypass fussy styles—we feel you, and we’re here for you—we’ve rounded up a bunch of inspo pics of ‘dos that take minimal mirror time. But if you’re *extra* ::raises hand:: and want to commit to getting a little creative, they are cutting-edge styles in here for you to try, as well. Click through for 40 of our favorites.

1.Zendaya’s Textured, Slicked-Back Style

Curly girls: Since we’re at the start of 2019, let’s all let go of the pressure to straighten our hair. That’s an old, societal beauty standard that needs to be left in the past. Curly hair can make you feel oh-so-fancy. Look at how elegant this queen Zendaya looks rocking her natural texture. Dress your curls up a bit by reaching for a pomade that guarantees high-shine, then sweeping your hair into a glossy slick-back. Sophisticated.

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