70 Stylish Blue Nail Art Ideas In 2019

Although blue color is often considered to be the masculine or manly color, but to your surprise, this color is equally worn and used by the women, all across the globe to represent freedom, intuition, imagination, sensitivity and inspiration.

As a matter of fact, the colors play a very important role in our lives and they definitely affect our mood. Blue is said to be the positive vibe for our brain and that is the reason, why most of the women prefer to get their nails coated with this cool color. The best part of the blue color is that there are variety of shades and hues of blue that you can choose from.

No matter you are having simple denim days or night out parties with your friends, blue is always the color to wear. So, if you are the one wondering to wear which kind of Blue Nail Art Design with your outfit, here we have 62 blue nails go you covered with the best ones out of the lot.

1.Light Blue Nude Shade with Diamonds. Nudes with white + perfect combination!

These blue nail art designs go well with various outfits and fashion accessories such as bracelet watch stacks, trendy watches, chic rings etc. From feisty rust orange to the sober and cool beige and blue, we have a design and pattern for everyone.Choose a nail design and color that goes well with your persona and style.

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