Top 10 Cities To Live In Europe

Most college students dream of going backpacking through Europe after graduation or during their gap year, and we totally get it. Europe has got to be one of the best continents to live in. Beautiful countries like Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, The U.K. call it home. However, what we’re really interested in sharing with you today are the best cities in Europe to live in. Which cities make the cut in the Top 10 Cities To Live In Europe?

1. Zurich, Switzerland

With picture-perfect views of the Alps, Lake Zurich and the amazing natural beauty Zurich in Switzerland takes the top spot in the best cities to live in Europe. It also ranks high on quality of life, work-life balance, access to the best medical facilities, banking services and more. While taxes across Switzerland are relatively high, the rates in Zurich are among the lowest in all the country. However, much like the U.K., the weather can be quite gloomy and unsettling for some, but if you’re rich and have inherited a lot of your wealth you can bask in the glory of the news that you don’t have any inheritance tax to pay. [2]

2. Vienna, Austria

Imagine living in a city which is entirely a UNESCO World Heritage site. That’s exactly what you’d be doing if you were to move to Vienna Austria. It’s a beautiful place to live with lively cafes, food, drinks and stunning architecture if you’re into that sort of thing. Fun fact, Vienna is the second largest German-speaking city after Berlin. [1]

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