Top 10 Most Expensive and Unusual Things About American President Trump

3 Helicopters

The world-class business tycoon Donald Trump is the owner of three helicopters, and it isn’t just anyhow helicopter, he owns the best of them. The Sikorsky S-76 that was revamped for a whopping of $750,000 to make it worthy of Trump. Designer Eric Roth was gotten hired to have the helicopter renovated, and a lot of Gold plating of 24-Karat was included in the helicopter.

4 Penthouse of 68th Floor

The Donald Trump penthouse which is down the 5th Avenue in the city of New York is the place where the President and his wife Melania Trump with their son Baron are residing. The interesting thing about this penthouse isn’t only just its three floors and the stunning view of the Manhattan skyline and the Central Park-the whole penthouse itself is shouting “My owner is very wealthy” why? Because everywhere you look on the penthouse is plated with gold. The penthouse features crown moldings, marble walls, ceilings that are painted with different Greek Gods, crystal chandeliers, plus a lot of gold everywhere. The extravagant penthouse is priced over $100 million. No wonder why Baron and Melania don’t want to leave the penthouse to the White House.

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